Donald & Friends, Brickworks


Cigarette Break, Ayer Rajah

Clifford worked at the pier before he became a fruitseller. He missed the days when he could chuck his cigarette in the sea.

Eternal Dance, Dempsey

When you thought you’d danced your last dance, you discover that you’ll dance forever.

Dance with Jesus, Mama. For eternity.

Dusk, East Coast Park

The light was on the distant horizon. But there was the Light.

March 2017

Sarabat tête-à-tête, West Coast Road

The guy on the right is the Trump supporter.

Mee Pok Man, Brickworks

To make a great mee pok, you need great ingredients. But more than that, you need attitude.

January 2017

Breakfast Chef, Pasir Panjang

Uncle Tony, the Mee Pok Man, prepared my breakfast.

November 2016

Aunty in Contemplation, Henderson

She was ever so stately and elegant. Each passing year left a deep impression on her.

December 2016

A Face in the Crowd, North Buona Vista

Seraphella studied very hard because she didn’t want to be just another face in the crowd.

Buona Vista, Singapore
December 2016

The morning after, Pasir Panjang

Charlemagne is the last of his friends to get married. His wedding is next week. The stag night took a toll on him.

Congrats, Charlemagne!

Singapore, 2016

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