Vegetable Wholesaler, Pasir Panjang

I live near the Pasir Panjang Vegetable Wholesale Centre. It’s a wholesale centre. Vegetable shipments arrive in bulk, unloaded, repacked and distributed to wet markets, supermarkets and provision stores around the island.

I go there all the time to buy vegetables. Although they are primarily a wholesale centre, there is one section where consumers can buy vegetables in small quantities. I have a regular vegetable stall where I buy my stash.

To the uninitiated, it’s a tough looking place. Forklift operators with tattoos, discarded rotten vegetables, crows scavenging, lots of yelling going on. Its tough rep got even worse in 2004 with the tragic murder of Huang Na, an 8-year-old girl. May she rest in peace. Read about it here.

So given this backdrop, this picture is paints a positive contrast. A vegetable wholesaler with a delighted look on his face as he moves boxes of carrots from one location to another.

It’s true. The carrot is better than the stick.


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