Perched Bird, Labrador Park

I’m drawn to solitary images.

I’ve kind of been on my own since I was 16.  Though I am not a hermit by any stretch of the imagination, I need daily solitude time.

In sardine-packed Singapore, any image evoking solitude appeals to me. Even birds.

(Although sardines may attract birds.)


Side note to my friend Christine. Hey Christine, you’ve often asked if I’m snapping 24/7 to capture, what you called, “the moment.” Well, no. And yes.

I don’t have my finger on the trigger all the time just randomly snapping away. But I ALWAYS have my camera with me; at least two (counting the camera phone), sometimes three. What happened here was that I had just finished a walk at Labrador Park. As I was driving out, I saw this bird perched high on the tree with the backdrop of patterned clouds. I immediately pictured the picture and stopped the car. It wasn’t a legal stop but it was a quiet road. I put on my hazard lights, whipped out my camera (in this case Canon 5D MkII with 100-400) and took a few shots. So yeah, I’m not snapping 24/7 but I’m on standby and on alert 24/7. That’s why sometimes I get sensory fatigue and I need to be alone in quiet places. Like this bird. 




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