Recovering Me, 30 June 2014

Strictly speaking, this is not Street Photography or Scenes from Singapore.

This is the first self-portrait that I am posting here (apart from “About the Photographer“).

I’ve been down with the flu for three days. I hardly left home and even missed church on Sunday, which is odd for me. I hadn’t shaved for three days.

Last night, I slept for nine hours, which is highly unusual for me. I usually sleep between four and five hours.

I’m not fully recovered yet but I do feel loads better. One more day and I’m on my feet.

To aid recovery, I chose not to go out. There was only one subject. Me.

When I looked at my unshaven face in the mirror today, I kind of liked what I saw (pardon the mild narcissism). Hence the creation of “Recovering Me.”

I’m changing my Facebook Profile Picture after I post this.



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