Poh Piah Lady, Alexandra Village

No two stalls make the exact same Poh Piah. There are many variables and each stall has its own proprietary balance.

This is how I like my poh piah – the skin needs to be soft and thin, the chilli needs zing without being overpowering, the turnip (bangkwang) can’t be too “wet” and I like loads of crispies in my poh piah.

Bao Bao Pohpiah at Alexandra Village meets all my needs and hence is my favourite poh piah in town. It’s not very known but I love it. They have loads of crispy bits under the skin. In fact, their quirky little slogan is “Crispy is Happiness.”

The lady is really friendly too. She can’t speak much English and I can’t speak much Chinese, but we get by. That’s what Singaporeans do.

I spoke to her nephew, Alvin Koh. He speaks good English. If you need to reach him, his number is +65 90060023. They cater for parties and sells poh piah skin, pie tee cups and other stuff.


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