Rojak Seller, Alexandra Village

This is another cheerful hawker – this time a Rojak seller. This lady’s stall is right next to the Poh Piah lady, which I posted a few days ago. In fact, if you look at the picture of me in front of their stalls, they share the stall and divide it into two – each using one side.

This lady speaks English fairly well, while the Poh Piah lady’s English is non-existent, like my Chinese. The Rojak lady knows I like extra crispy stuff in the poh piah. So, without even asking me, she asks the poh piah lady to add extra crispy stuff. She does so more than willingly. I feel so special.

It’s always a delight to buy from these two ladies. Their food is good and they always have an amazing beam on their faces (at least when they see me).

Little blessings. Amazing day-makers.


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