Lontong Seller, Tanglin Halt Road

One evening this month, I went to the hawker centre on Tanglin Road for dinner. I decided on lontong from Queenstown Lontong. I had never tried their food.

The man in the picture asked me if I wanted anything else with my lontong. I said no. He then suggested that his ikan bilis is fabulous with the lontong and threw a ladle-full into my order. He didn’t charge me for it.

Well, his ikan bilis was fabulously crispy, not overly salty (as many tend to be) and worked really well with the lontong.

Although I was seated at the other end of the hawker centre, after my meal, I went back to affirm that his suggestion to add ikan bilis was brilliant. I also thanked him for his generosity.

That was when I took this picture.

His stall:

All life should be made of moments like this.


Blk 1A/2A/3A #01-21, Commonwealth Drive
Commonwealth Drive Food Centre



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