Second Floor, Lim Tai See Tai Chong Soo Kiu Leong Tang Clan Association

Over many years, I’ve passed this building countless times. I’ve always made a mental note to check it out.

Well, I can tick that note off. I walked in and there was one elderly Chinese gentleman sitting in a corner. When I stepped in, he looked up at me without getting up. I smiled, pointed at my camera and motioned if I could take pictures. He nodded. No one followed me and I had free rein of the place.

The place was quiet, even though the road outside was busy. I stepped into a clan association and 25 years back in time. I roamed the entire, cool, quiet and cavernous space. I even opened the door to gain access to the roof. A cat looked me in the eye and ran down the stairs.

From the URA Website:

“Designed in the Neo-Classical style, the 2-storey building is of masonry construction with a reinforced concrete slab roof. It houses the Lim Tai See Tai Chong Soo Kiu Leong Tang Clan Association, which was established by the Lim Clan from Guangdong and Fujian provinces. The building was originally erected in the early 1920s but in 1928, it underwent alteration and addition works.The centre of the building is given emphasis by a feature roof pediment, complete with date inscription. The building is anchored by two wings at either side. These feature rusticated horizontal bands in the pilasters, and well-proportioned geometrical windows and fanlights in between, giving the building a rhythmic appearance. These two side wings culminate in elegantly-shaped octagonal domes.”



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