Prawn Mee Chef, Tanglin Halt

Pretty good Prawn Noodles.

But even better gentleman.

We placed an order for prawn noodles. One with pork and one without. Through no fault of his (it was a simple miscommunication) he made both bowls without pork.

We only noticed this when we got to our tables and I started eating (I wanted the pork).

We went back to him to ask why he did not add pork to both bowls.

Beautiful response from him.

He was not defensive in the least bit. The first thing he did was apologise. This in itself is admirable. Then he explained that he wasn’t sure (it’s well possible we were not clear) and as we walked away, he took the safe path by assuming that we meant both bowls should not have pork. He also assumed I was Muslim (fair assumption, really). We explained that I am a Christian and pork is cool (of course not too fatty and not too often).

He apologised once again though it wasn’t necessary. We knew almost immediately that he had made an honest and sincere mistake. He then took my bowl of noodles, boiled more prawn stock with pork slices and topped up my bowl.

No questions asked, no extra charge. Another apology and a smile. What’s there not to love about this kind of gentleman?

After the meal, I went up to him to apologise for being unclear and to thank him for his very big gesture.

Every day, there are men and women who inspire me.

Thank you for your humility and wisdom, sir.

Proverbs 11:2

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

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For those in Singapore, the address is Block 1A Tanglin Halt Food Centre #01-26.


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