Chicken Auntie, Telok Blangah

One of my regular chicken mongers. Very cool chicken auntie.

Sony Xperia Z3

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Auntie, Telok Blangah

  1. Hi Danesh! I enjoy your photos very much and wondered how you take them. I know you use your smartphone but how do people react when they notice? Aren’t they bothered by it?
    I’m planning to start with street photography and I’m afraid of people’s reaction when I get close and take a photo of them so I’d like to hear your experience!


    • Hello Monika,

      First off, thanks for the encouragement.

      I actually use a combination of Sony Xperia Z3 (Smartphone), Fuji X100s and sometimes a long zoom lens.

      But of late, I’ve favoured the Sony Xperia Z3 as it is the most unobtrusive.

      In all this time that I’ve been shooting, only once did some one catch me out. In fact, it was the time I was demonstrating to someone how I shoot from the hip.

      Of course, some may suspect, but only once has someone caught me.

      Now, there are times I ask, of course. I have to assess the situation – you kind of develop a feel of these things after a while.

      But really, it’s learning to shoot from the hip.

      I also have a personal policy, which I enforce quite seriously.

      If anyone sees a photo on my blog and they want it taken down, I will do so, NO QUESTIONS asked.

      So far, two people have spotted their fathers and they loved the photo! One hawker saw a picture I took and requested a copy. He got it.

      So yeah, you have to become an invisible photographer. Practice with your friends and family.

      If you do start a blog or post your pics somewhere, do drop the url here. I’d love to see them.

      All the best, Monika.



      • Hi DD,
        Thank you very much for your elaborate answer! It means a lot to me when someone with experience takes his time to share them with me.
        Unfortunately I don’t have a smartphone but it’s good to know that you’ve used a camera too.
        Thanks for the shooting from the hip tip, I googled it and think I’ll try it out!
        And your personal policy is really good. It’s nice to hear that you got really positive feedback too 🙂
        The invisible part sounds really tough but I guess practice is all. Yes, I’ll drop the link here!
        Thank you again and also for the two examples, both very impressive photos!
        Have a nice day,


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