Taugeh, Tofu and Mee Seller with Customers, Telok Blangah

This is my regular taugeh (bean sprouts), tofu (bean curd), mee (noodles) man.

What are we seeing in this picture? A Singaporean stall-owner bantering with foreign (I’m assuming domestic) workers. I banter, smile and joke with him too. When he’s feeling particularly generous, he charges me 30 cents for 50 cents worth of taugeh. Cheap thrill (literally). Heh.

For every vitriolic rant on-line, there are hundreds, if not thousands of scenes like this all over Singapore. I’ve experienced many, many of them every week.

Why don’t we write about these? Because we experience, we smile and we go on our happy days and ways. This is life for many of us.

We don’t rant because we don’t want to bring the world down to that level.

The majority of us; we experience, we smile, we banter and live life the way it was meant to be lived.

To the ranters, we say with all sincerity, come join us! It’s really nice on this side, no matter how bad things get.

May 2015
X100s edited on Apple Photo


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