Chye Png (Economy Rice) Aunty, West Coast Road

Chye Png lady behind the scenes.

Chye Png or Chap Chye Png (杂菜饭, “mixed vegetable rice” in the Hokkien dialect) is strictly speaking not a dish. Rather, it refers to a stall that sells a variety of items (meats, vegetables, tofu, fish, etc). The customer then orders either rice or porridge and points to the dishes that he or she wishes to consume. It is also commonly referred to as “Economy Rice“. Presumably the name comes from the fact that it was (and still is, in some places) an economical fare at local hawker centres.

This job is not easy. Imagine churning out 15-20 on a daily basis and then standing behind the stall dishing out and serving customers. (Click this link for examples of Chye Png Stalls)

Another profession not to take for granted.

Thank you, lady.

Sony Xperia Z3 edited with Aviary App

June 2015


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