Chicken Rice Seller, Holland Village

Chicken Rice is arguably Singapore’s national dish. I personally don’t think you can name a single national dish for a multi-racial, multi-cultural place like Singapore. But this ranks among the favourites.

Speak to a Singaporean about where to get the best chicken rice and you’re in for a loooooooong discussion. Everything must work together – the tenderness/juiciness of the chicken, the fragrance of the rice, the “kick” of the chilli, if it comes with garlic or ginger mince, the soup, etc. Too many variables make for a heated discussion.

This blogger ranked 53 chicken rice places in ascending order (i.e. from 53 leading up to the best in his opinion). Other opinions here and here. You can Google loads more forums, discussions, blogs discussing the merits of various chicken rice sellers.

I’d rather take pictures of the craft, eat and let others do the talking.

Singapore, July 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 edited with Aviary for Android


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