Not a Prawn Mee Aunty, Tekka Market

I can’t call her Prawn Mee aunty. She was too well-groomed with impeccable make-up and very polite.

I had the Prawn Hor fun Soup. It was excellent.

I did a bit of research. This Prawn Mee lady’s name is Ruifang. Her grandfather first started the business as a Prawn Mee hawker along Balestier Road in the 1920s. Her father subsequently took over and ran the business from Whampoa Market.

Ruifang is third generation. A university graduate who worked in an MNC for a few years, she decided her true calling is to continue the family legacy.

I’m glad she did.

What about her work ethic? So much talk about young people not having what it takes to do such work. She throws that notion right out of the window together with the prawn and pork scum.

Ruifang is in bed at 6pm and at the hawker stall by 2am to prepare the stock for the working day.

Her stall is closed on Saturday as Friday night is when she parties with her friends. Fair enough, I say. Very very fair.

So thanks for doing this, Ruifang. Salute and respect from me. Great food, too!

Tekka Centre,
665 Buffalo Road, #01-326,
Singapore 210665

Opening Hours:

Sunday and Monday: 6.30am-1pm, Tuesday to Friday: 6.30am – 2pm, Closed (rightly so) on Saturdays

Here’s an interview with Ruifang:

Follow her on Instagram.

Follow her on Twitter.

Their Facebook Page.

Google for Reviews – I’m not a food writer.


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