Kuay Chap Aunty, Havelock Road

Madam Chua Meow Ching is 85 and has been at the Kway Chap business for 40 years.

That’s admirable. Thankfully, her son who is in his fifties, is in the business. This is another food item which is dying away in Singapore.

I’m not a foodie so don’t ask me about the food. There are scores of food bloggers so Google those who are specialists in this field. I will say though that there is always a steady stream of people at the stall every time I am there.

Let me add one more thing. According to all accounts there is none of that awful offal aftertaste. This means they clean the innards really, really well.

Apparently, the hardest bit is cleaning.

But more than that, admirable and inspiring to see octogenarians plugging away happily at their craft.

Covent Garden Kway Chap
01-05 Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, Block 22A Havelock Road


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