Li Peng Footwares, Clementi West


I feel really sorry for Uncle Bartholomew (although he’s much older than I, we’re fifth cousins, thrice removed). He had a Chinese education and was in fact a top student at Chung Cheng High School in the 1960s.

Being a firm believer of continuous learning, he studied English late in life.

But Footwear vs. footware really messed with his mind.

After all, there is cookware, hardware, software, underwear, swimwear, kitchenware, etc.

It’s back to Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报) and Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报) for Uncle Bart (as I call him).

I don’t blame him. At all.

Let’s not even get into collective nouns here.


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