The Last Supper, Gillman Barracks

The Last Supper, 2014
Artists: Ken + Julia Yonetani
Salt, 900 x 75 x 125 cm

It’s a stunning piece. Very beautiful. On the table is exquisite food depicting an elaborate banquet – lobsters, seafood, bread, wine, etc.

It’s made from over a ton of salt from the Murray-Darling basin, Australia.

Yeah, salt. I was curious. The curator handed me a small rock made from the same salt. Yep, I licked it. It didn’t taste salty.

I asked about wear and tear. Apparently, it’s so compressed and hardy that nothing happens to it, even under a rain.

A quote from the artists:

“The work points to concerns arising from increasing salinity levels in Australia and unsustainable agricultural practices. In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, the massive banquet of luxurious foodstuffs also becomes a larger visualisation of the problems of food security and safety in an increasingly toxic world.”

Read more about this piece here.

If you’re in Singapore, see it at Mizuma Gallery until 17th July 2016.

Side note – I have nothing to do with the gallery but their curating is fantastic. They do a stellar job.


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