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DD 2013 BW

Update on 14 March 2014: I just got myself a new camera – Fujifilm X100S.

First of, welcome and thanks for stopping by. If you’re into Street Photography anywhere in the world, I’d love to hear from you and perhaps a link to your blog/page. I’m perpetually learning the craft and fine-tuning my style and I believe I can learn from anyone, yourself included. So yeah, if you have time, do drop a note here.

Briefly about me

I go by the monicker DD. Here is my other blog.

I’ve been shooting for more than twenty years, starting with film, obviously. I used to develop my own black and whites.

I’m a Singaporean born the year before our independence. I’ve lived away most of my childhood. I lived in Kobe (Japan) for ten years, Jakarta (Indonesia), Jersey (Channel Islands, UK), Bloomington, Indiana (US) and briefly in Geneva (Switzerland). I’ve been back in Singapore since 1988. Beyond my overseas stints, I’ve travelled extensively.

Why this blog

Over the years, a city changes.  Singapore is richer than the Merlion, its skyline, Marina Bay Sands, the Flyer and Sentosa. I want to capture the full richness of Singapore during my time (2000’s) before some of it naturally fades away.

There are differing views on what constitutes “Street Photography.” This is my view: 

I believe Street Photography captures more than just an image. It captures emotions, moods, feelings. It captures an essence of the time or environment.  It does not have to be technically perfect, but it should evoke a reaction or tell a story. It should show different aspects of the soul of Singapore. 200 years from now, when people look at my pictures, they should have a sense of aspects of Singapore during the period.

To tell a story of a place in time, I will sometimes capture people. My personal policy is this: if you see yourself here (or a family member) and you want it taken down, tell me and I’ll take it down. No questions asked.

What camera do I use?

I use a variety of equipment. Almost all these photos would have been either from Fujifilm X100S, Canon 5D MkII with a variety of lenses, Olympus EP-3 with Leica 25mm f1.4 (semi-retired), my Sony Xperia Z or iPad Air. All are digitally edited. On a very rare occasion, I’ll fire up my Minolta X-700 film camera (pictured below).


Danesh Daryanani, November 2013, Singapore.

Definition of Street Photography by Wikipedia

Street photography is an art photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject of the photograph might be absent of people and can be object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic. The origin of the term ‘Street’ refers to a time rather than a place, a time when women achieved greater freedom, when workers were rewarded with leisure time and when society left the privacy of their sitting rooms, people engaged with each other and their surroundings more publicly and therein the opportunity for the photographer.

Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft, with the aim of creating images at a decisive or poignant moment. Much of what is now widely regarded, stylistically and subjectively, as definitive street photography was made in the era spanning the end of the 19th Century through to the late 1970s; a period which saw the emergence of portable cameras. The advent of digital photography, combined with the exponential growth of photo-sharing via the internet, has greatly expanded an awareness of the genre and its practitioners.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_photography


13 thoughts on “About the Photographer

  1. hi DD. As a Singaporean, thank you for the portraits. As a budding photographer, thank you too, for the inspiration to start on black and white!


    • Hi Chin Serng,

      You’re most welcome. I hope you are enjoying them. I look fowarding to viewing your photographs too. Do you have a photoblog?



  2. Hi Danesh
    It was great to have a chance meeting at ‘Take out’ cafe – I’ve so enjoyed studying your photo’s each so rich in mood, feeling and the wonderful contrasts of wonderful Singapore. Thank you – fabulous!


    • Hello Janie,

      It was a pleasure meeting you too! Look forward to trying your wonderful creations one day soon.

      All the best with your ventures,



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  4. Hello there! As a Singaporean, I would like to thank you for the wonderful pictures you have captured in Singapore!
    I’ll be looking forward to more 🙂


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